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Shaking up the hotel booking industry

The problem

Did you know that there are only two major online travel agencies in the US, Expedia and Priceline?  And that between them, they own most of the smaller websites, controlling over 90% of the hotel booking market?  As you can guess, this duopoly gives them immense power over the hotel industry.  For even the largest chains, over 20% of the cost of a room is fees for these middlemen, with small hotels getting an even worse deal.

So why do they have so much power?  Like many things these days, it boils down to data access. In order to sell rooms, you need to have a direct contract with the major hotel chains or access to the database where  hotels store all their vacant room information, called the Global Distribution System (or GDS). Neither of these options are cheap or easy to get access to. Even if you had an amazing new idea for how to market hotel rooms, chances are you would have a hard time raising enough money to even get your foot in the door.

That’s where we come in.

The solution

Here at Nocturus, we are using the power of the blockchain to break open the online travel agency market. Our technology allows hotels to advertise vacancies  and the commission they’re willing to pay directly to the blockchain, where anyone can search and make reservations, safely and securely for all parties involved. While we don’t expect your grandmother to start executing our smart contracts on her Blackberry, this does make it easy and cheap for new online travel agencies to get started, because if you can find customers, you can sell rooms. A market with no barriers.

More companies means more competition, and more competition means lower fees. And that’s good for customers and for hotels.

Of course we don’t expect to change the world overnight.  We know that will take at least a week. So in the mean time, we’re also building systems to bridge the gap between the blockchain and the current Global Distribution Systems, meaning  hotels can offer their rooms on both without worrying about losing revenue on the changeover.  Though we’re pretty sure that once they’re used to all that extra money we save them, they’ll make the smart choice.

If you like how we think, why not take a look at our whitepaper? We stuffed more details in there than a Thanksgiving turkey.

All the details are here.  Come on in.


Our Partners

Our Technology

Our Team

To build hotel industry software, you need hotel industry people.  We’ve assembled a team of hospitality industry veterans and technical wizards hailing from  all over the world.

Eric Reynolds
Eric ReynoldsCEO
With over 25 years experience in the hospitality and positions ranging from General Manager to corporate level management, Eric knows the hotel industry. Before co-founding Nocturus, Eric was in charge of hotel performance and revenue growth in the Central and South American region for Intercontinental Hotel Group, the largest hotel group in the world. He is also a Certified Hospitality Administrator(CHA) and certified executive coach. He is a frequent featured speaker at Hotelier events.
Dr. Charles Fleming
Dr. Charles FlemingCTO
Chuck is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at XJTLU in Suzhou, and until recently also ran a local software outsourcing company. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA specializing in Computer Security. Prior to his academic life, he spent 10 years in the startup mines of Austin, TX, including running the back end team for MGAM from pre-IPO through it becoming the fastest growing publicly traded company in the US.
Dr. Haining Liang
Dr. Haining LiangUX/UI
Dr. Liang has 8 years experience in UI/UX design in both academic and professional settings. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from Western University in Canada.
Kenny Klein
Kenny KleinCreative
A struggling comedian by night, by day Kenny is busy keeping Nocturus looking good. Prior to his current work, Kenny co-founded Self Aware Media, a web and graphic design firm in Los Angeles.
Dr. Ilesanmi Olade
Dr. Ilesanmi OladeIntegration
Sanmi comes straight from the vibrant Nigerian startup scene, where he was CTO and co-founder of colony solutions, a leading supplier of biometric devices for university and government applications. Sanmi specializes in integrating with legacy systems.
Dr. Dacheng Jiang
Dr. Dacheng JiangChaincode
Dacheng has an undergraduate degree from Harbin Institute of Technology and recently completed his PhD degree at the University of Liverpool. D.r Jiang is a relative newcomer to industry, but has won several national programming competitions here in China, starting all the way back in high school.
Dr. David Afolabe
Dr. David AfolabeBlockchain
Received a BEng. from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, and also worked as a research/teaching assistant before commencing a PhD at University of Liverpool, UK. Highly involved with cutting-edge technology in the areas of machine learning, robotics, and blockchain technology. This led to several international academic publications and a doctoral candidacy.
Sarah Su
Sarah SuBusiness Development
Sarah has 8 years experience working with foreign multinationals in Suzhou and Shanghai. She took a break to have a child, and in her spare time turned her online luxury goods shop into one of the top ten shops on Weixin.
Boyuan Yuan
Boyuan YuanBlockchain
Boyuan has a BS degree from the University of Liverpool and a MS degree in computer science from NYU. Boyuan’s last position was with a startup that was recently acquired by Comcast. Since then, he’s become on of our blockchain gurus.
Trent Montgomery
Trent MontgomeryNetwork Administrator
Trent recently joined us from the US, where he has 7 years experience in system administration and Tier 3 technical support. Trent has a BS degree from Auburn University in Information Technology.
Sally Dong
Sally DongDBA
Sally is a certified Oracle DBA and has a BS degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Liverpool.
Chengkai Yu
Chengkai YuIntern
Chengkai is an undergraduate in computer science at XJTLU, and will be attending Oxford University for his MRes degree in the fall.
Rigel Freeman
Rigel FreemanCode Guru
Rigel is working with us from Amsterdam, where in the daylight hours he is also principal software engineer with Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Yanwen Bo
Yanwen BoHR
Yanwen handles our HR and payroll. She has a BS degree in Human Resources from Nanjing University.

Our Offices

Our corporate headquarters is in Miami, Florida and our development office is in Suzhou, China.

Miami, Florida

Suzhou, China

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